FAQs about COBRA Continuation Health Coverage

Unfortunately not all business relationships work out and employers and employees part ways. The federal government has mandated policies that employers must adhere to in such cases. Employees terminated by an employer have the right to receive a final paycheck,…
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Employers & 401k Plans

A 401k plan is very attractive to both company employers and employees. Are you interested in adding 401k for your business? Are you concerned of the liability, if any, that your company may take on with a plan as this?…
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Health Care Overhaul & Reversal

There was news last week of a food service giant, Sodexo, that was reversing course now after bumping thousands of college cafeteria workers from their health insurance plan earlier this year. President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul had many companies…
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Healthcare Law Updates

Healthcare is a nationwide issue that has been in the news for the past few years. It affects all Americans in all economic situations. Both employers and employees have alot at stake with the new laws. There have been recent…
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Get the Most For Your Dollar

With an increasing number of Americans assuming a greater share of their health care costs, getting the most value for your health insurance dollars is more critical than ever. Four factors come into play when determining the value of a…
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