Health Care Overhaul & Reversal

business-300x133There was news last week of a food service giant, Sodexo, that was reversing course now after bumping thousands of college cafeteria workers from their health insurance plan earlier this year.

President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul had many companies scrambling to comply with law. Many employees were left to find coverage on their own and their premiums were significantly higher. Many employees have had to change their lifestyle to be able to afford these new rates.

Sodexo said it was acting to align itself with the health care law, which requires that employers with 50 or more workers offer coverage to those averaging at least 30 hours a week, or face fines.

Their interpretation cut about 5,000 from the 133,000 employees from their coverage when employee hours were average in a 52 week period. Summer break significantly impacted the average hours for each employee and the Obama administration says any fault is with the employer, not the health care law. Sodexo will credit the employees for these hours lost and this is good news to some employees who can now be covered by company health insurance. Click Sodexo for more information on their recent change in course.

The health care requirements can be confusing and can cause companies and its employees hardships. Liberty Run Benefits offers companies, large and small, advice and programs to ensure that they are following guidelines while offering its employees benefits that are cost effective. Contact Liberty Run Benefits by clicking Request a Quote and we will walk you through the chaos.

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